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Located in the same beautiful and historic 160 year old property as The Coronet and Meyer Avenue Cafe, Nightjar is a classic old world pub offering well considered food, cocktails, wine & beer.

This charming pub offers honest fare made with integrity, sustainable proteins and utilizing local ingredients whenever possible.

Nightjar features original saguaro rib ceilings, 19th century built-ins, vintage furniture, and a turn of the century northern Arizona back bar.

We want everyone to feel well cared for and to enjoy themselves through the pleasure that only comes when eating wonderful food, drinking wonderful drinks, and being somewhere that allows one to transport, for a moment, into the present.


Movie Calendar


Every Friday night on the patio: Movies!  OK so “movies” are something we all used to do for fun before Covid. They’re like TikToks but really really long ones and many can be very old. The oldest ones in fact look sort of weirdly dull, like the way Calvin Klein ads look, and a lot of the time you had to do crazy stuff like go to the mall and watch them with total strangers. Um, so anyway the first film of every month will be from our Cinema Vendetta series, a slightly more kinetic melange of Kung Fu, Road Movies, Drive-In Exemplar and unconventional Shoot ‘Em Ups. We will update this calendar on a running basis, a couple months in advance, so don’t forget to check back with us from time to time for new entries.

View previously screened movies in our
Movie Reliquary

Return to Oz (1985)

10 pm
Return to Oz (1985)

Directed by Walter Murch
Written by Frank Baum/Walter Murch/Gil Dennis

Its 6 months after the tornado, autumn 1899, the eve of the new century and the farm is still a mess, Uncle Henry is a listless alcoholic and Dorothy keeps talking about witches and magic lands and anthropomorphising the scarecrow. Auntie Em plays the only card she has left to play; electroshock therapy. So off Dorothy goes, back to OZ, now a desolate and terrible place with street gangs that wear ritual masks on their heads and have gurney wheels for hands and feet and roll around everywhere screeching at the top of their lungs. Someone has decapitated all the pretty maidens. There is a rumour going around the henchmen community that SHE has returned and She-Has-Brought-A-CHICKEN!! with her.  Its two hours in a row of this craziness. Disney couldn’t kill the project because they needed it to extend their copyright on the OZ series, but enraged parents and child psychologists shortly did the job for them anyway. Even more disturbingly:  1) It was inspired in large part by a book entitled Wisconsin Death Trip2) It is considered to this day to be the most faithful of the OZ adaptations. Starring Fairuza Balk as Dorothy, Admiral Akbar as the electroshock machine, and another guy as a couch.

Food Allergies4
Ad Hoc genetic modification3
Lunchpail violence2
Deep, unsettling weirdness4
Your kids may need therapy after this3
You may need therapy after this5

Zoolander (2001)

10 pm
Zoolander (2001)

Directed by Ben Stiller

Written by Ben Stiller, Drake Sather and John Hamburg


Ever see The Manchurian Candidate?  Same movie.


Not as good as Tropic Thunder4
Haaa that part was funny though3
So why didn’t they just show Tropic Thunder?3
Hey remember in Tropic Thunder where the guy’s got an energy drink called booty sweat?3
And then Ben Stiller kills that panda- man Tropic Thunder was RAW4
I still can’t believe Robert Downey Jr got away with that5

Children of Men (2006)

10 pm
Children of Men (2006)

Directed by Alphonso Cuaron
Written by PD James/Mark Fergus/Hawk Osby/David Arata

PD James wrote Barnes & Noble grade mystery novels. How this story ended up emerging from her brain is a bit of a mystery itself. It is absolutely horrifying, and not like Slasher Movie horrifying or You Just Found A Picture Of Your Grandpa Saluting Heydrich At The Nuremburg Rally horrifying. Its more of a Oh God we would totally do this kind of horrifying. Its the near future one no one can make babies anymore, no one tries to do anything anymore, the nations of the world are in flames and England is an island fortress where everyone is just going through their days, waiting for it all to wind down until the last eye closes. A terrorist attack makes Clive Owen almost spill his beer. A reckoning is due. It might have been a coffee, doesn’t matter. None of it matters anymore.

Mind F*ing5

Pacific Rim (2013)

First Fridays - Cinema Vendetta
10 pm
Pacific Rim (2013)

Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Written by Guillermo del Toro/Travis Beacham

The cool thing about watching Godzilla movies back then was that it was putatively difficult for little kids to come away with the wrong message. Superheroes in film are considered to be really damaging to their little minds because they directly equate being a good person with being an extremely violent person. Giant monster-on-monster violence on the other hand; the studies are a bit unclear. It is possible that the only real victims from this era were the family puppies conscripted into playing Mothra in the reenactments. So watching Pacific Rim is kinda liberating in that sense, like unnecessarily using all the towels in your hotel room or realizing that not leaving the house counts as carbon neutral. Its a gigantic freebie of crashing and smashing, an archipelago of vertical train wrecks where the containers are all full of seratonin and monster guts and none of the characters are complex enough to permit more than the most rarified empathy. Watch this and ever so briefly forget that you’ve ever cared about anything at all.

It’s not our fault / Oh boy we had this coming 1:1
Are we supposed to like Australians or not?4
Someone’s really swinging for the fence with those names5
Realistically over-the-top scientists. Those people are all wackadoo5
Goo, loads of goo5
All this really needs is a sacrifOh there it is.3

Idiocracy (2006)

10 pm
Idiocracy (2006)

Directed by Mike Judge

Written by Mike Judge and Etan Cohen


I think Idiocracy is actually a Christopher Nolan movie. Hear me out for a sec. Firstly, I would not put it past Mike Judge to front a Christopher Nolan movie as his own. The man just has no rules. Secondly, although it is a passable comedy at best, and I recognize that this fact doesn’t go very far in support of my argument, it also has this time-and-reality bending, Nolanesque ability to rewrite itself as a terrific experience in the viewers memory.  Last time I watched it I wrote “meh” on my arm with Sriracha, apparently in an attempt to communicate with my future self, and now that I am privy to this incredible secret I still don’t love the movie any less. I am filled with pleasure when thinking about it, when discussing it with others, when writing about it right now, and I will happily watch it again even knowing that its going to be a bit of a turd. This is because Idiocracy exists as 2 different movies dependent upon when you’re experiencing it; the bitter, sophomoric, intermittently funny jeremiad of the present or the hilarious vivisection of modern American life that lives happily in our memory. Now tell me again that Christoper Nolan isn’t behind this. I mean, who else could it be? If you haven’t encountered this movie yet, it goes like this: The most expendable guy in the army is paired with a random prostitute in a cryogenics experiment and they wake up in the future to find they are the smartest people on earth and have to fix everything. Sounds great doesn’t it? Yeah but it really isn’t. But later on it will be!! Thanks Chris, you’re the best!

Satirical movie version of a narcissistic moron president compares favorably to Trump5
And would probably beat Trump in the primary 5
And then crush Newsom in the general 4
Could be worse, really4
Alright I’m in. Gotta go buy a truck and some flags now I guess3

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

10 pm
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

Directed by Wes Anderson

Written by Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach


Ever visit a 6 year old relative for the first time? You’re standing there nodding, pretending to understand why its so important that you learn the names and emotional profiles of every single stuffed animal in the giant basket but truth be told you’d kinda prefer to deal with this part later, after you’ve had a couple drinks with your sister. Sometimes you need a minute to ready yourself for the immersive experience. In the Wes Anderson dimension it is the absence of that initial guided tour of his dioramas and bug collections that sets The Life Aquatic a bit apart from the others. This is a movie where the narrative gets up to speed right out of the gate, when Bill Murray threatens to kill one particular asshole shark in the ocean, and moves straight into a wonderful interplay between that trademark Anderson mis-en-scene-papering and the total chaos that regularly envelops his protagonists. It is a charming, fast moving film with an organic fluidity constituent of equal parts romance, exhaustion, bad parenting, insurance fraud and nautical warfare. Also it’s very clear that Jeff Goldblum is ad-libbing most of his lines. Hopefully he knows that some of us noticed.

People whose names you can’t quite remember5
Wondering how we saw Jacques Cousteau in color on our parents' black & white TV3
Throwback 1970s workplace safety violations3
Colonialist stereotypes of Filipino maritime piracy1
Colonialist stereotypes of interns4

We have a thing so no movie today

We have a thing so no movie today

We have a thing so no movie today.


Le Pacte des loupes (2001)

10 pm
Le Pacte des loupes (2001)

Directed by Christophe Gans

Written by Christophe Gans and Stephane Cabel


French Historical Werewolf Action Noir.  Not a whole lot to say beyond that. They unfortunately lay it on pretty heavily with the mystical Native American sidekick trope, however in their defense they’re French and the guy does look great in oilskins. Also its been a couple years but I’m pretty sure Monica Bellucci plays a Vatican prostitute/assassin. I could have dreamed that part. Anyhow…

"I would be lying if I did not admit that this is all, in its absurd and overheated way, entertaining" - Roger Ebert4
Did we mention the Monica Bellucci thing?5

Police Story (1985)

First Fridays - Cinema Vendetta
10 pm
Police Story (1985)

Directed by Jackie Chan

Written by Jackie Chan and Edward Tang


We all have this generally recognized understanding of what are the most absurdly dangerous jobs in the world; smoke jumper, astronaut, underwater welder, Alaskan crab fisherman, mob accountant, aspiring actress, those guys that put out oil fires, going hunting with your uncle, black person. The list does change slightly from era to era, and there was a period in the 1980s in which the most hazardous employment one could have was being an uncredited actor in a Jackie Chan movie. Hong Kong action cinema was then rapidly evolving from the kind of rigid, marionette-like back and forth martial silliness to the sophisticated, fluid, fast moving wire fu upon which all modern action choreography is based. During this brief period a Chinese stuntman’s job was unbelievably dangerous, and the loose assemblage of maniacs known internationally as The Jackie Chan Stunt Team had a replacement rate paramount to the French Foreign Legion. Police Story represents their era of peril at its zenith, as well as Chan at his acrobatic peak, which is another way of saying right before the toll of injuries forced him to start dialing it back a bit. The craziness starts early, the dialogue is kept respectfully brief and it all ends with an extravagant and unconventional repurposing of a perfectly good shopping mall. Arrive prepared to witness a disconcerting amount self-administered civil rights violations, most notably during a car chase for which there are no words in our language to accurately describe.

Nobody died 5
Well Wikipedia says nobody died 2
I don’t know man it sure looks like a couple of those guys died3
OK rewind and lets watch it on slo mo4
There’s just no way 5


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