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We will be closed December 31 – January 6.

Located in the same beautiful and historic 160 year old property as The Coronet and Meyer Avenue Cafe, Nightjar is a classic old world pub offering well considered food, cocktails, wine & beer.

This charming pub offers honest fare made with integrity, sustainable proteins and utilizing local ingredients whenever possible.

Nightjar features original saguaro rib ceilings, 19th century built-ins, vintage furniture, and a turn of the century northern Arizona back bar.

We want everyone to feel well cared for and to enjoy themselves through the pleasure that only comes when eating wonderful food, drinking wonderful drinks, and being somewhere that allows one to transport, for a moment, into the present.


Movie Calendar


Every Friday from here forward we will be showing movies on the patio, movies that are either great or cool yet seem to have at least partly dodged the public consciousness. Ours are the films that couldn’t either get on or stay on the public’s radar, due to poor management, or poor timing, or simply arriving exactly ten years too soon (Google: Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho). The first film of every month will be from our Cinema Vendetta series, a melange of Kung Fu, Westerns, Road Movies, Drive-In Exemplar and unconventional Shoot ‘Em Ups. We will update this calendar on a running basis, a couple months in advance, so don’t forget to check back with us from time to time for new entries.


The Triplets of Belleville (2003)

10 pm
The Triplets of Belleville (2003)
Directed and Written by Sylvan Chomet
Animated (might be subtitled, no one knows for sure)

Roger Ebert had a difficult time even describing this film, ultimately pointing out, almost inadvertently, that "most animated features have an almost grotesque desire to be loved." If you stop right there this is the most precise assessment available of The Triplets of Belleville. It doesn’t need anyone to watch it at all, and that level of independence allows it to achieve great heights of deviance and equivalent charm. It is somewhat musical, yet the songs have no real words in them. What crumbs there are of real dialogue are even less productive. The actual words in the movie generally come from one’s own interior monologue;  Whoa that dude has hella big thighs. So how come she’s not in the Tour de France? Whaaahahahahaha Lady Liberty looks like Honey Boo Boo!  Wish my great aunts were that cool. Well the dog seemed to enjoy it so its okay I guess. Wait, were they Nazis? Cmon frog, get out of there buddy.
Cheerily violent old ladies5
Plot linearity2
Domestic weirdness4
My kids may need therapy after this0
I may need therapy after this0

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

First Fridays - Cinema Vendetta
10 pm
Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
Directed and Written by Stephen Chow

If there’s nothing wrong with you it is probable that you've seen this movie at least once already. However we want to recognize that some spontaneous calamity may have prevented you from doing so properly the first time. Like maybe you had to go to a Bar Mitzvah not realizing how long those things can last and then the day spiraled away from you and the next morning it was still 2004 and you had to mail the DVD back to Netflix- who knows really, things happen. We just don't want to judge. The film itself begins with a Bob Fosse number, which is always a good sign for a kung fu movie, and gets less predictable from there. It ends up being the story of a committed loser trying desperately to avoid reclaiming his virtue. Think of it as a tapestry of irreverence with hilarious stuff sequined randomly all over it. Preposterous characters, superlative physical comedy and top notch second-unit fu. This may be your last chance.
Seductive axe violence2
Smoking as a force of good5
Plot linearity3
Positive gay stereotypes-3
Gay stereotypes beating the snot out of criminals3
Net gay stereotypes0

To Have and Have Not (1944)

10 pm
To Have and Have Not (1944)
Directed by Howard Hawks
Written by Ernest Hemingway/Jules Fuhrman/William Faulkner

Because it is essentially the same movie as Casablanca this film never quite got the recognition it deserved. Hawks pressured Hemingway into adapting his novel for film and Hemingway of course wrote something entirely different. Eventually Faulkner got brought in to sanitize the parts objectionable to Vichy France and traded it for a thick air of suppressed anxiety and periodically salacious dialogue. Wainscoted with stars in front of and behind the camera, among its notable performances was the classic Rummy Sidekick archetype that Walter Brennan hand built for this film, stupid jokes and all. “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?” Only he would think that was funny.
Is not technically Casablanca5
Hoagy Carmichael sings4
Fog induced tension2
Conspiratorial dining3
Having/Having Not ratio2:5

We’ll All Be in Mexico

We’ll All Be in Mexico
This is not a movie. We’re closed cause we’re all going to Mexico. If you’re bored you should rent Night of The Iguana. It’s an exceptional film and the plot is more or less how these Mexico trips go for us anyway.
Hammock Life4

Black Mask (1996)

First Fridays - Cinema Vendetta
10 pm
Black Mask (1996)
Directed by Daniel Lee
Written and Produced by Tsui Hark

A rare, perhaps singular example of the positive effects of dubbing a movie into English. Jet Li is an unwilling superhero committed to hiding from the past via his library job, etcetera etcetera. As you may have guessed he is eventually attacked by his old gang of special forces laser criminals, the leader of which is possibly supposed to be Native American, and our hero is forced to trade in his glasses for a crepe paper Green Hornet mask, which is all he can come up with at the time, and the whole affair makes him kind of a dodgy employee for a while and puts a lot of stress on his relationship with his brutal cop friend. The magic comes with the US Version, which added some perfectly enunciated profanity as well as a totally homemade 90’s Hip Hop scratch track that is just kiss-your-fingers exquisite.
Hottie Tottie Librarians5
Villanous Westerners4
Weaponized Compact Discs3
Further weaponized Silly String3
Ginger Abuse3


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